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Repaid Manufacturing
A Leading Provider of Rapid Manufacturing Services

Prototype and Low Volume Production Injection Molding Services

Cemal offers rapid manufacturing services that include rapid prototyping services, product evaluation for manufacturability, 3D printing (additive manufacturing), CNC machining, cast urethane, and rapid injection molding.

Cemal has developed and refined an extremely efficient injection mold design and manufacturing process that allows us to reduce time-to-press by weeks in most cases, particularly for complex components.


What is rapid manufacturing?

Rapid Manufacturing services encompass the range of processes noted above as well as hybrid techniques that combine multiple technologies to reach a desired outcome in the shortest possible time.  It is important to note that Rapid Manufacturing is distinct from prototyping, in that it requires a higher degree of attention to quality, repeatability, and the more stringent requirements of production applications.  In this regard, Cemal is one of the few in the industry that is a true rapid manufacturer.

Our team of design and manufacturing experts works closely with our customers to understand each project’s objectives, the specific requirements of the components to be molded, and the overall context of the final product to assure alignment.  Our tooling designs and molding processes are then tailored to the project, whether it be for 100 prototype parts or 250,000 production parts.

Reduced time to market, often allowing first mover advantage for new products, has been proven to strongly influence the overall commercial success of products across many industries.  Our clients find the time savings, convenience, and cost effectiveness of keeping their injection molding projects with Cemal from prototype, through bridge production, to full production to be very compelling.

Our injection molding services include initial project consultation, design for manufacturability (DFM) analysis, material sourcing, and production of molded components.  Our Customer Support and project engineering team closely monitor all projects and communicate progress throughout the process.  For very challenging components where we identify design or process changes are required to meet the desired product objectives, we work closely with the client to minimize the time and cost impact.  We recognize that the components we produce for our clients are frequently part of high value, high impact projects where time and quality are of the essence.

Rapid manufacturing: Cemal Fast Delivery

Key to our consistently fast delivery times is our proprietary end to end manufacturing process executed by a team of experts dedicated to delivering quality very efficiently.  The vast majority of our projects are executed completely in-house, allowing us to minimize the timeline and assure an efficient hand-off between all steps from design through mold production to injection molding.  Should our clients choose to continue with Cemal from prototype to production, we seamlessly continue the project without losing time and apply everything that was learned in the prototype phase.  This often gets products to market weeks earlier than restarting production with another supplier for higher volumes.

We offer an extensive list of commonly specified stock injection molding resins for fast delivery, and we source any commercially available material per our customers’ requirements.  We will also process customer supplied materials as requested.  With very few exceptions we are able to process precisely what our customers’ projects require.

CNC Machining Services

Cemal offers a range of CNC machining services at competitive prices.  Our in-house machining capabilities include sophisticated 3-axis and 5-axis robotically tended machining centers.  For certain applications, we work with external partners to offer an even broader range of materials, component sizes, and finishes.

As with injection molding, our sales engineers will review projects with clients when needed to assure the desired output can be achieved in the given time.  Our goal is to offer our clients machining services complementary to our injection molding business that reduce the overall project management complexity for our clients.  While “one-stop shopping” may be an overused phrase, we find that coordinating molding and machining for the same project yields clear benefits for our clients to assure that their complete project comes together on time.


Additive Manufacturing

Cemal’s team has deep expertise in Additive Manufacturing going back to the earliest days of Three Dimensional Printing.  Through a range of partnerships, we are able to offer the full spectrum of additive manufacturing processes to meet the specific needs of our client’s projects.  In this way, we are able to adapt both to client demands while offering best of breed solutions in the fast-changing 3D Printing industry.

Depending on the exact application and component requirements, we help our clients select the appropriate process and material class.  In most cases, our customers are interested in additive prototypes earlier in the product design process before they commit to injection molding tooling.  Similarly, clients are seeking SLM or binder jet technology for complex metal parts where CNC machining is not a viable option, usually due to internal geometries.

As additive manufacturing for polymer components continues to improve in build rate and cost-effectiveness Xcentric will help our clients in making the appropriate decision between direct production versus injection molding.  While this decision is not frequently favorable today for additive manufacturing due to required material properties, cost, or production rate, certain applications have already been transitioned over to additive and many more will come.  Our clients can count on Cemal to help find the appropriate solution for every project.

Customer Support is Central to the Cemal Approach

At Cemal, our goal is to help our customers complete their product development and production projects as quickly as possible. The following are components of the Cemal customer experience:

1. Application Support – We give our clients the information and support needed to make an educated decision for every project – process selection, material selection, design feedback, technical and commercial options.
2. Online Quote System – Our online quote system gives our customers instant access to a technical team. Once a quote is submitted online, you will have a response within 24 hours.  In addition, your quote will be managed through our customer portal.
3. Customer Portal – Our online customer portal gives you 24/7 access to Cemal from anywhere in the world. In the portal you can:

  1. Purchase tooling and parts via an interactive quote

  2. Reorder parts from a previous project

  3. Initiate engineering changes

  4. Update and manage account information

4. Dedicated Support Team – Every client is assigned a customer support and project engineering team.  We believe that the fastest way to market is by proactively coordinating with our clients on all aspects of the project from inception to post-delivery inspection.
Custom Material Selection
5. Part Design Analysis – You are assigned a technical team who will review your part and ensure that it is ready for the manufacturing process.
6. Budget Consultation – Our sales engineers can offer multiple solutions to help find the most economical approach for each project.  While Cemal is not a low-cost producer, we believe for the speed and quality of our services we offer extremely competitive value.

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